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Перевод слова

Перевод: sting speek sting

жало; жгучий волосок; укус ; укол ; ужаление; ожог крапивой; ожог ; ядовитость ; колкость ; м`уки ; острая боль; острота ; обман ; мошенничество; грабеж ; сила ;
жалить; ужалить; укусить; жечь; жечься (о крапиве); причинять острую боль; уязвлять; чувствовать острую боль; испытывать острую боль; терзать; обмануть; обобрать; надуть; нагреть; побуждать; возбуждать


  1. The Sting
  2. Suddenly, she seemed to wake up and put some sting into her shots.
  3. A 12.5% dividend hike drew the sting from the results, and the shares fell just 5p to 233p.
  4. The remedy can even be made into a paste and applied directly to the sting.
  5. At Lima bus station an unemployed mining engineer, who would later sting me for a few thousand intis, told me, "This country, something really wrong with it.
  6. His eyes began to sting.
  7. They are likely to want a sum of 250 for the use of the song, but permission also needs to be sought from AM Licensing if you intend to use Sting's recording of the song (they may want a fee too!) (21/6).
  8. And B, the wasp wants to sting you.
  9. Mitsubishi, the other Japanese company implicated in the "sting" operation, faces similar conspiracy charges and as yet has given no indication of wanting to reach a pre-trial agreement.
  10. He looked up at the horses, shading his eyes against a sting of sun from the west.
  11. Many marine animals are poisonous, and you could receive a nasty sting - or worse.
  12. Very like the BASILISK in appearance, the cockatrice is a monster with the wings of a fowl, tail of a DRAGON with a deadly sting at its tip, and the head of a cock.
  13. The sting lies in the tail when Vanek bends his principles to accommodate his desperate interrogator.

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