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Перевод слова

Перевод: surgeon speek surgeon

хирург ; военный врач; военно-морской врач; офицер медицинской службы


  1. Make suggestions she could mention to her surgeon.
  2. My surgeon was one of those nuts who, when they aren't too busy, like to have old patients in and chat about their X-rays.
  3. I saw the surgeon who became my surgeon.
  4. But such was my orthodoxy, my conditioning, my belief in the norm - the system of NHS doctor, surgeon and hospital - I had not completely committed myself.
  5. These early signs can be easily confused with a viral respiratory infection and any horse showing a raised temperature and dullness should be immediately isolated before your veterinary surgeon is summoned.
  6. Each surgeon has his own way of doing things and I know something could go wrong.
  7. SCALPEL poised, the plastic surgeon sets to work on the patient's face.
  8. In the old days the surgeon made an incision in the lower portion of the tummy and reached the enlarged gland that way, but before the coming of antibiotics it was quite common for infections to develop or for the prostate to turn cancerous.
  9. Mr Rice, a surgeon, stated that PC Charlton had died from pressure to the brain caused by a fracture of the skull, this in turn being consistent with the young constable's head hitting the kerb during the affray.
  10. On 26 October Josiah Brookes, surgeon, FRS, was elected an honorary member of the society and a member of the London committee (his museum rivalled Hunter's).
  11. Take Leave chearfully of all your Friends in Newgate : Mount the Cart with Courage: Fall on your Knees: Lift up your Eyes: Hold a Book in your Hands although you cannot read a Word: Deny the Fact at the Gallows: Kiss and forgive the Hangman, and so Farewel: You shall be buried in Pomp, at the Charge of the Fraternity: The Surgeon shall not touch a Limb of you; and your Fame shall continue until a Successor of equal Renown succeeds in your Place.
  12. Other systems also being tried at the same time included dehydration and injection techniques, the latter to be perfected by a surgeon called Ruysch (1665-;1717), Professor of Anatomy at Amsterdam.
  13. Working with you, in confidence, the surgeon can show you what improvements could be made.

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