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Перевод слова

Перевод: suspension speek suspension

подвесной; висячий;
приостановка ; прекращение; временная отставка; отстранение от должности; приостановление платежей; банкротство; вешание; подвешивание; взвешенное состояние; зависание; суспензия ; взвесь ; подвеска


  1. Like all ZXs, the passive rear steer suspension gives superbly neutral handling, allowing you to exploit bends confidently and safely.
  2. The Committee on Safety of Medicines (CSM) has refused Upjohn's appeal against the suspension of its sleeping pill Halcion (triazolam).
  3. GERMANY'S double world sprint champion, Katrin Krabbe, and her colleagues, Grit Breuer and Silke Moller, who had been accused of tampering with a urine sample, had a four-year suspension lifted here yesterday, clearing the way for the three athletes to participate in this summer's Olympic Games in Barcelona.
  4. George Stephenson was appointed engineer to the Stockport and Darlington Railway which opened in 1825, as a line to transport coal only, but the idea soon spread and, in 1826, the Menai Suspension Bridge was opened, linking Anglesey to the mainland.
  5. One hundred bankers have been invited to Toronto on April 13 when OY is expected to seek formal suspension of debt repayments.
  6. The place is off the beaten track, two bumpy miles wrecking the car suspension and who gives a damn?
  7. The masonry suspension tower on the English bank is of different design from that on the Scottish side.
  8. It could also be that Widnes's match with Barrow last Sunday will be deducted from his current eight-match suspension.
  9. US aid to Sudan stood at 64m in 1981, rising to 121m in 1984; in 1986 total US military and economic aid to Sudan stood at 158m prior to total suspension in late February with only 50m of food aid being disbursed following Sudan's developing relations with Libya.
  10. With permanent four-wheel drive and fairly compliant long-travel suspension, handling is tremendously secure and predictable.
  11. The suspension has also been transformed and the driving position changed to eliminate niggles about off-set pedals and a steeply raked steering column.
  12. The boy's story was discounted and Oldfield was able to continue in charge of the home until his suspension in 1990 when new evidence came to light.
  13. The rear suspension deforms slightly on corners, allowing the rear wheels to steer up to 3 in the same direction as the front wheels.

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