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Перевод слова

Перевод: sustain speek sustain

подпирать; поддерживать; подкреплять; испытывать; выдерживать; вынос`ить; доказывать; подтверждать


  1. In relation to PC Cherry, who had to wait the same period before being summonsed, Lord Justice Watkins said the delay after April 1987, when there was ample evidence to sustain a prima facie case against him, was "undoubtedly extreme".
  2. But now all those Arab and Western powers that had invested such hopes in the plan will find it hard to sustain even a pretence that it remains a realistic proposal.
  3. I have written elsewhere (Bolton, 1982) that the basic skill of acting is: "an ability to engage with something outside oneself using an "as if" mental set to activate, sustain or intensify that engagement' and I go on to say, "I am using the word "engagement" as a central feature because it implies a relationship at an affective level between a person and the world outside him' (p. 135).
  4. It suits both white guilt and black anger to sustain the myth that racism is still the main problem.
  5. It is "live" entertainment at a time when more and more television is pre-recorded and packaged, and even recorded events can sustain uncertainty of outcome if the result is unknown to the viewer.
  6. Only those whose commitment to free enterprise and opportunity is a matter of conviction, not convenience, have the necessary strength to sustain them.
  7. The failure of these traditional local economic strategies to stimulate and sustain local economic growth in all but a minority of places has led to the development of new forms of policy.
  8. It is easiest to write the first draft all in one go - then you sustain the mood of the short story.
  9. Judaism, as we have seen, has always emphasised the wholeness of man's nature and sought to sustain it.
  10. And enough elderly people did survive as chronically sick, physically maimed, or mentally impaired, to sustain the most negative seventeenth-century images of old age as "a perpetual sickness", "a disease", a time of impotence in the widest sense, "the dregs of a man's life".
  11. Whether yours is a family garden which has to sustain the rigorous attentions of children, a more sedate garden for entertaining al fresco, or a small city garden with little room for more than a couple of raised flowers beds, a patio can give your home and lifestyle a whole new dimension.
  12. "This will make it difficult to sustain scientific excellence."
  13. In a letter to chief executives, he reports there was a unanimous view that the success of the Confederation of Shipbuilding and Engineering Unions' campaign, and its ability to sustain industrial action "will depend significantly on the success of the levy".

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