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Перевод слова

Перевод: swing speek swing

качание; колебание; поворот ; размах ; взмах ; амплитуда качания; мерная походка; ритмичная походка; ритм ; качели ; ход ; естественный ход; свобода действий; свинг ; суинг ; максимальное отклонение стрелки;
качать; колебать; качнуть; раскачать; размахивать; качаться; раскачивать; раскачиваться; колебаться; вертеть; поворачивать; вертеться; поворачиваться; идти мерным шагом; вешать; подвешивать; быть повешенным; успешно провести; добиваться решения в свою пользу; исполнять джазовую музыку в стиле свинга; круто менять; жить полной жизнью; быть на уровне современности; махать


  1. The tone is (loosely) swing with ample space for solo improvisation in the nine Lovano tunes here.
  2. By 0930, when the General arrived, the shooting competition was in full swing.
  3. This sudden swing, forceful as a storm: the boy, gnashing teeth, snapping as an animal.
  4. His foot and leg movements improved immeasurably, and his walking gait became more normal as he learned to swing his leg in the right pattern.
  5. To ensure maximum signal swing the collector will be biased at half the available line voltage.
  6. It is hoped all will not be lost with this giant swing of the pendulum.
  7. To understand resonance, think of a child on a swing.
  8. The swing towards England in the 1540s had not eradicated the outward-looking tradition built up throughout the later Middle Ages.
  9. I mean, who hasn't learned a few Sultans Of Swing licks?
  10. Lewis is high on the list of great contemporary drummers, blending impeccable timing and furious swing with immaculate taste.
  11. Once in Montrose, Colorado, when he was on location for a small role in John Wayne's True Grit , he was standing in a bar, scruffy and long-haired, and for no reason at all, one of the locals took a swing at him.
  12. Mr Livsey faces challenges from both the Conservatives, who could take the seat on a swing of less than one per cent, and Labour who need only 2.8 per cent.
  13. Do your shoulders creak if you swing your arms round in circles?

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