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Перевод слова

Перевод: telltale speek telltale

выдающий; предательский; сигнальный; контрольный;
сплетник ; болтун ; ябедник ; часы-табель ; сигнальное устройство; контрольное устройство; регистрирующее устройство


  1. "Can't think why," he added with a telltale catch in his voice.
  2. This gave us enough time to cover the harmonium and clear away any telltale signs of wood.
  3. Some of the telltale signs might be:
  4. Here are five telltale signs that the Ego is in command:
  5. Any false starts or false moves will result in error and the telltale bugs.
  6. Only his death, and the telltale evidence he left behind, would reveal what a sham of a marriage it was.
  7. Between clubs Here is another telltale sign of the golfer who regularly thins shots.
  8. "Wouldn't they think I was a telltale?"
  9. This is a real telltale position and one you want to avoid.
  10. "And it iss a mess that you are in too," she added to the lamb, which was speckled with telltale spots of blood.
  11. Telltale lines are taboo under clingy tops and knit fabrics.
  12. Then, after I'd made sure that I'd left no telltale traces, I was off.
  13. Burying the "evidence" he smeared the telltale marks on his blouse with mud, reluctantly cutting off the tops of his flying boots, hoping that the small holes in his uniform, from shrapnel, would pass unnoticed.

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