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Перевод слова

Перевод: temporary speek temporary

временный; переходящий;
временный рабочий или служащий


  1. Reflecting that a lot of other people were in the same boat, that he was in good company - the Overindebted Minority - might bring temporary comfort and make relations with friends less strained.
  2. You may use strapping as a temporary measure, and while this will inevitably reduce freedom of movement, it is the price you must pay for carrying on.
  3. They are false friends because they provide the illusion of temporary relief from stress, while in reality making the processes of defence and successful adaptation much more difficult ."
  4. They find themselves cover in secluded areas, adopting a temporary home which they may use on a number of occasions.
  5. During the menopause a drop in hormone levels may account for a temporary loss of sexual desire in women, but this need not be more than a passing loss.
  6. Providers will have every incentive to treat as many patients as possible, in as high a cost category as possible, for "referrals by GPs to hospital with whom no contracts have been placed" (DoH, 1989a, para.4.24) and for referrals of temporary residents.
  7. "Mr Smith", as he was always formally addressed, was under the impression he was just temporary holiday relief.
  8. Increased office accommodation was provided at Grange Terrace in 1968 by converting part of the rock store into three rooms and later, staff were housed in temporary mobile offices in the grounds.
  9. Their temporary camp overlooked a ditch.
  10. Fortunately, there were opportunities for temporary escape.
  11. He slides among suspicious groups of heat-seeking, light-shunning nomads, who had made temporary camps up lesser conduits, who milk sweet, pure water from above from the gleaming concrete walls.
  12. Harsh measures - putting an entire community under an absolute curfew for a continuous lengthy period of time, demolishing homes, uprooting olive or citrus trees, physical intimidation and terror tactics employed by raiding army units, shooting, killing, cutting off water or electricity supplies and telephone links to villages or towns, mass arrests, intimidatory interrogation techniques - can either create a temporary lull or activate an eruption.
  13. Here the engineers have to carry out most of their work on Sundays when traffic is light, but this often entails diversions and extended journey times followed by temporary speed restrictions for a few further days at the beginning of each week.

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