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Перевод слова

Перевод: threefold speek threefold

тройной; троекратный; утроенный;
втрое больше; втройне


  1. It has a threefold purpose: Spirituality, Apostolate and Friendship.
  2. As Table 9 shows, most of this expansion occurred in the private sector, where there has been a threefold increase since 1980.
  3. Detailed analysis shows that the clean surface is relaxed relative to the bulk structure and that the oxygen occupies threefold sites in which it is bound to two first, and one second layer tungsten atoms.
  4. Mandle's calculation of an average benefit of 816 in the 1890s indicates a threefold increase since the 1860s, and would have been enough perhaps to start a man off in a small business.
  5. The success of this approach was reflected in a threefold increase in marketed output from 1953 to 1962 in the areas where land reform had been implemented, without a matching decline in the productivity of food crops.
  6. The main dangers for the well-versed record critic are threefold.
  7. The reason it worked for me and the straits was threefold.
  8. Part of the strategy of GM, the world's biggest car maker, will be to increase Jaguar's output of 50,000 cars a year by two or threefold and launch new models into the executive market.
  9. In this the threefold action of God is again revealed to us.
  10. Thursday, 7th September, was a day of very heavy rain in the New Cumnock district and in the colliery it was noted that the flow of water from the exposed gravel had increased threefold.
  11. On the NHS, the Church and Nation Committee says there is a "threefold crisis" of funding, public confidence and staff morale.
  12. The outputs of monitoring are threefold: (1) a specific description of environmental trends and patterns to be forecast, (2) the identification of trends for further monitoring, and (3) the identification of areas requiring further scanning.
  13. But the geographical differences pale when they are compared to the deep threefold divisions which rend the city itself: of language (four-fifths of the population speak French, only one fifth English and the smaller languages); of culture (the French-speaking part naturally looks to France and French literature for its mores, while the English-speaking part relies on the attachment to the Commonwealth and its close neighbour, the United States of America); and of religion (for the gulfs here are wider than the Atlantic as the former protestant cross-sectioning of Episcopalianism/Presbyterianism meets the Roman Catholicism of the French, and both meet the surging secularism and agnosticism of our day).

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