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Перевод слова

Перевод: total speek total

весь; целый; суммарный; совокупный; абсолютный; тотальный; полный;
целое; сумма ; итог ;
подсчитывать; подводить итог; насчитывать; составлять; равняться; доходить до


  1. This received some support from the statistics, as far as Conservatives are concerned; the total number of ministerial appearances on regional news and weekly programmes in the period analysed by Blumler was 124, while Conservative back-benchers appeared 104 times.
  2. It is useful in recording progress in work programmes, e.g. trial and error ward management problems, one example of which might be organising patient allocation for total patient care and delegating responsibilities by senior student nurses.
  3. The point that seems to have struck him is the total opposition between son and father, Ingeld/Ingjaldr and Frda/ Frthi.
  4. This is an absolute necessity and to work in defiance of it means total failure.
  5. That means 13 million cars, more than half the total in Britain, could easily be running on unleaded fuel now, yet sales of unleaded six months after the budget still only amounted to 20 per cent of total fuel revenue.
  6. Wilson Mark II, between March 1974 and March 1976, ran up a total of somewhere around 120 ad hoc groups.
  7. The balance sheet should show the total amount of shareholders' funds and an analysis of shareholders' funds between the amount attributable to equity interests and the amount attributable to non-equity interests.
  8. For example, having expanded components 1.0 to 7.0 of the model shown in Fig 12.5, it became apparent that the main input to sub-system 8.0 (ie "adjust income/expenditure") was the detail of the College allocation of the total budget, with secondary inputs of information about the actual costs of providing the appropriate level of education.
  9. Despite the need to return to a monetary economy under the liberal market conditions of NEP, by the end of 1922 over onethird of total revenue still came in the form of taxes in kind.
  10. The total value of a player's army may be slightly less than the agreed value, and will often be a few points short simply because there is nothing left to spend the odd point on.
  11. It is possible to work out the length required for a garment by measuring the length used for a tension square and calculating the total area of the garment from the diagram but I think you would need to be addicted to mathematics to find this worthwhile.
  12. The prediction would be for the ownership of cars to rise by 52,000 in 2 years, and so total market demand for cars in Panaragua in this period would be about 52,000 (or slightly more, allowing for old cars being scrapped).
  13. The notion of justice which I find most convincing is that which tells us that we ought to seek a society in which each person is accepted as of equal moral worth and has equal opportunity to enjoy an equal share of the total sum of society's goods.

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