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Перевод слова

Перевод: ugly speek ugly

безобразный; уродливый; отталкивающий; противный; скверный; опасный; угрожающий; вздорный; задиристый; неприятный; склочный


  1. The acquiescence by the religions derived from the various ancient scriptures in the ugly acts of war, revenge and violence is sufficient in itself to condemn them as having degenerated beyond redemption, and to be justifiably rejected.
  2. There was also Captain Hawes, another ex-serviceman, who was finally executed for robberies on the moor; Whitney, the butcher, who was feared for his savagery and barbarism; Captain Stafford, a Londoner who found fame on the moor, and Thomas Simpson (Old Mob) who, although hideously ugly, managed to evade capture regularly by disguising himself as a woman.
  3. It "reared its ugly head", to use Tom Watson's phrase, a year ago when he was playing with Ian Woosnam in the final round.
  4. I never saw such an ugly family as the Havards."
  5. Mr. Jonathan Thomas Carr felt offended by what he considered was the ugly and tasteless housing being erected in the London suburbs, so he produced a scheme to create a garden suburb of Houses without basements, and of character within reach of people with moderate means, yet at the same time, retaining existing trees wherever possible.
  6. On the continent, planning controls are often so tough that retailers cannot build expensive new shops and are stuck with their ugly, cheap ones.
  7. No kidding, it was a bad day, a mean day, an ugly day, a "shoot-me-before-I-go-mad" sort of day.
  8. A particularly ugly BROWNIE or sprite from Scotland who acts as a guardian for a mill.
  9. Susan followed her down a short, dark passage and into the second sitting-room, which, ugly and over-full as it was, looked comparatively cheerful with its blazing fire.
  10. There would, I imagine, have been an ugly scene.
  11. They were ugly and ungainly, but necessary, Blackadder thought, as they sprang up like the heads of the Hydra, two to solve in the place of one solved.
  12. Sir, - In reply to the letter headed Ugly anti-hunt shock tactics, may I say that the aim of the Surrey Wildlife Protection Group is to enlighten the public to the true facts, by displaying posters and handing out leaflets.
  13. The language is ugly and violent, yet it is fitting; she handles her characters with sympathy and a rare insight.

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