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Перевод слова

Перевод: valuation speek valuation

оценка ; ценность ; цена ; расценка ; расчет


  1. The drawing was identified as a Rembrandt by Christie's Old Master drawings expert, Hugo Chapman, when it was brought in by the owner for valuation.
  2. This is a privilege for which no legatee could hope, since if the heir took a fancy to property left by legacy, he could keep it on payment of a (no doubt inflated) valuation of its worth to the legatee.
  3. "I in no way dissent from this reasoning, but I should myself have been content to derive the same conclusion from the broader consideration that Parliament must have intended rating authorities to act in the same high principled way expected by the court of its own officers and not to retain rates paid under a mistake of law, or in paragraph ( a ) upon an erroneous valuation, unless there were, as Parliament must have contemplated there might be in some cases, special circumstances in which a particular overpayment was made such as to justify retention of the whole or part of the amount overpaid.
  4. This too could not compel the defendant, condemned to restore, to do so, but it applied conspicuous Pressure: if he did so, well and good; if not, the plaintiff was allowed to make his own valuation of the property, and it was this which would become the damages awarded by the judge.
  5. They are useful for invoice checking, valuation of stock, conversion of foreign currencies and other control calculations.
  6. The valuation of pictures, where the artist was unknown, involved an exercise of opinion and judgment and was not an exact science.
  7. Many of the deeply painful and depersonalizing situations in our society come about as the direct result of a broader but lower valuation of sex and sexual relationships.
  8. Most retail outlets provide a free insurance valuation when you buy a rug.
  9. When one notes that Jaguar's pre-tax profits for the first half of 1989 had slumped to 1.4 million, it is easy to see that a company valuation of 1.6 billion might be considered rather high.
  10. If the borrowing member does not produce a basic valuation, then the building society must procure one itself.
  11. The second is a home or flat buyers' report and valuation.
  12. It takes a great deal of time and money to establish a brand which explains why predators may be willing, when purchasing a company with strong brand identification , to pay far more than the stock market valuation of that company.
  13. If the transferee has paid some consideration, the 31 March 1982 valuation of the assets will have to be agreed, but the Revenue will accept a holdover relief claim, without a valuation, at the date of transfer.

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