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Перевод слова

Перевод: vehicle speek vehicle

перевозочное средство; автомобиль ; транспортное средство; летательный аппарат; средство выражения и распространения; проводник ; растворитель ; связующее вещество


  1. One pairing to watch out for is David Hudd and Nick Irens and their new quoted vehicle, Vardon.
  2. It is ignored; however, he looks familiar and the vehicle registration number is mentally noted by the Captain, to be passed on when they have finished the task.
  3. A stall with wheels was held to be a vehicle in this case.
  4. The venue is ideally suited to importers and exporters for product and new vehicle launches and answers the immediate community need of Larne for a conference and exhibition centre.
  5. Thieves also stole the canvas soft-top from a Suzuki vehicle parked on the forecourt of Holybourne Garage overnight on Tuesday.
  6. In order to meet these criteria, the Vehicle Watchdog performs as follows: providing the vehicle has been stationary for at least one minute, a 15mA current pulse will brightly light an l.e.d. for 0.02 seconds once every two seconds.
  7. Sadly, there are fatalities with trams, as with any vehicle, usually caused by careless jay-walking along the tram lines or across them.
  8. Disappointment that they were losing the best American M D they had ever had, after less than one year, and alarm in the knowledge that his demotion almost certainly meant the end of the recovery and expansion plans, and possibly the end of vehicle manufacture in the UK.
  9. In certain circumstances, the vehicle will also be exempt from Vehicle Excise Duty Road Tax.
  10. He instructed Mueller to phase-out vehicle manufacture in the UK."
  11. Advanced expert systems form an "integrating vehicle" between these important functional areas (Fig. 3).
  12. " That you " Means the person driving the mechanically propelled vehicle (i.e. identity).
  13. Many now feel that local government is vulnerable to extremism by both right and left and it is perhaps no longer the right vehicle to deliver major public services.

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