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Перевод слова

Перевод: vine speek vine

виноградная лоза; лоза


  1. The olive, like the vine, was symbolic of all that was long-lasting.
  2. The frost expends its energy in freezing the water, not the vine, as the delicate bud (RIGHT) safely cocooned in its igloo of ice so vividly demonstrates
  3. Since Sunset And Vine's trainer Simon Dow took over the Epsom stables of Ron Smyth last year and he has been in tremendous form since, saddling 23 jumping winners and six on the Flat.
  4. Fred Vine was one of these.
  5. It seems as if nearly all of us have crossed swords with the dreaded vine weevil, and I'm afraid I'm one of the many who never quite manage to get rid of them.
  6. The Libyan quarrel was referred to Bishop Dionysius of Alexandria, a very well-educated man, who sided with those theologians who stressed the distinctness of Father and Son; they should not be said to be of one being but to be as distinct as the husbandman and the vine.
  7. For the union to be successful the grafted vine forms a protective callus around the wound while the two plants seek compatibility.
  8. When the bean vine reaches the top of the cane, pinch out the growing point.
  9. FRUITS of the vine
  10. Even in death he is willing to work at the vine (the biblical symbol of the Chosen People), suggesting in "Credo" that the work, however unlikely it appears, is going on; "the holy promised land" is being peopled: "the feet of fierce or humble priests trample out the green"; he among them, despite putative evidence to the contrary.
  11. Once haustoria become functional by delivering water and nutrients, the dodder vine once again resumes the free, "straight" mode of growth which leads to further contacts and allows the vine to spread.
  12. The white berries are obtained by rubbing the reddish-black skin from peppercorns left on the vine until they are ripe.
  13. With their bizarre appearance and seemingly mysterious but treacherous way of life, the dodders have certainly latched on to human imagination as successfully as they do to the innumerable species of plants they parasitise, spawning fables, myths and fascinating names such as love vine, immortal vine, vine in the sky, beggar vine, strangleweed, devil's gut, scald and so on.

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