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Перевод слова

Перевод: violent speek violent

неистовый; яростный; интенсивный; сильный; насильственный; горячий; страстный; вспыльчивый; искаженный; неправильный


  1. A further five minutes saw the entire family asleep again, the battle in the bed forgotten, a violent expression of servitude to the Cotton Masters.
  2. She constructed herself a bed so excruciatingly painful that although she was very generous, still she never placed herself upon it without trembling and shuddering so violent was the emotion which the inferior i.e. her body manifested at the sight of the pain it was to endure
  3. He sent a glass of wine flying and insulted two fellow guests during a debate on the topic "Do Men Have To Be Violent?"
  4. But this country, in its short and violent history, has had no time to develop a taste for such decadent indulgences.
  5. And the next night the backdrop was "A Night in Spain", and there was Stella II, it was his very first night, all done up in black and gold lace with an underskirt of violent red, a red Elizabeth the First wig for some reason and a real red rose, it was sensational, and it was his first night too, Stella II doing "Te Amo" till the tears ran down his face.
  6. Cries, Eliot knew, were vital to the most basic corroboree when "on every side one sees nothing but violent gestures, cries, veritable howls, and deafening noises or every sort.
  7. Contribution to society: A one-man argument for violent revolution
  8. Sometimes their anxiety and an uneasy feeling compel them to move like Arsenicum and, even though it makes the pains worse (), they cannot keep still; or the pains can be so violent that they also have to move but it still makes the pains worse ().
  9. For it was she who brought up the young James after the perhaps fortunate death of his violent, drunken father in a railway accident.
  10. Being a radical experimental company of the time, given to onstage nudity, we were no strangers to Beth's voluptuous physique and it was hard to suppress our giggles at the absurd movie, in which a deformed, slobbering handyman ogles and gropes our heroine before coming to a violent end.
  11. If Roundtree shared annihilation activities with Hayes, then Ron "Superfly" O'Neal made mayhem in the company of Curtis Mayfield, Robert "Trouble Man" Hooks achieved mass wipeout to the sound of Marvin Gaye, and Max "The Mack" Julien attempted all the right sexual and violent moves to the accompaniment of a score by Motown's Willie Hutch.
  12. Eventually he confirmed my identification: dieffenbachia, also known as dumb cane because its sap, in contact with the mouth, causes violent irritation and swelling which can seriously impede breathing.
  13. Since her return the couple have felt more positive about their relationship and no violent behaviour had occurred.

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