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Перевод слова

Перевод: wander speek wander

бродить; забрести; забредать; странствовать; блуждать; заблудиться; проплутать; покружиться; покружить; мотаться; скитаться; отклоняться; стать рассеянным; стать невнимательным; стать непоследовательным; бредить; извиваться


  1. The eight self-contained villages which comprise this modern Club each have their own character but there are no boundaries, you're free to wander and use all the facilities.
  2. I let my gaze wander to the open grassy strip at the side of the block, which was almost completely empty of life, and then on to the red buses and cars hurrying along the main road.
  3. Much still remains of the earlier medieval university and downstairs you can wander through a maze of beautiful simple passages and rooms with quadripartite vaulting.
  4. Wander round Colorado in the summer, from international conference to music festival, and it quickly becomes clear how much effort the resorts have put into making themselves year-round destinations.
  5. A child who was not allowed to wander off to the park, would certainly not be allowed to fly off to the planets.
  6. Allowed my eyes to wander over the whole of it, he wrote, and almost with satisfaction.
  7. After a final desultory wander round Charterhouse Square, he made his way home to bed.
  8. Our relationship with the man himself also got closer; he would even wander into the objectors' office to see how we were doing.
  9. Instead, we wander down to the conservatory, where a lone table is laid, its pink candles flickering.
  10. Dogs didn't wander that far.
  11. Heads need to find time to wander into classrooms, parents and toddlers groups, dining halls and playgroups to chat to people and take an interest in what's going on.
  12. A boy who used to wander off alone into the tall trees which threatened the village and, as though in insolent reminder of their dominance, sent long poking fingers of animated shrub foraging between the dumpy houses, the stone chapel and the corrugated band hot.
  13. In essence a compost consists of bulky material which provides congenial conditions for roots to wander in search of water, oxygen and nutrients.

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