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Перевод слова

Перевод: whack speek whack

сильный удар; звук удара; причитающаяся доля;
колотить; ударять; делить; делиться


  1. "Whack the taters off un, Fred go on give un a basting"
  2. High-spending Spaniards pay a lot of VAT, so Spain pays a large whack to Brussels.
  3. "Shurrup!" his mother said, giving his behind a whack.
  4. Whack, whack, whack, she used to go and clouds of dust would fly all about.
  5. His first-class debut was for the Minor Counties against Oxford University in 1939, but it was not until 1947 that he first played for Surrey, as an aggressive fast-medium bowler, who also liked to give the ball a good whack when batting.
  6. The angry owner then proceeds to whack the dog, thus reinforcing the idea that if the dog comes back, he receives a whack, which is totally opposite to what the owner is trying to achieve.
  7. The commission would act as secretary, rich Arab countries would pay the biggest whack.
  8. WHACK.
  9. And there is a point of view from which Ronald Fraser might be seen as a man of Marxist leanings who paid a professional adviser what may have been a fair whack of a working man's wages to enquire with him into the deficiencies of his affective life.
  10. If you decide to whack, you must always finish up being the dominant one - do not hit and run.
  11. Reward is often denied by people who train by correction only: the dog is commanded to sit and, if he does not respond, he receives a whack and is pushed into position.
  12. The first deserves a whack, the second does not.

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